I. welly
force, impetus, power. The word often occurs in the phrase 'give it some wellie'.
brute strength, brawn as opposed to brain
► 'It was just welly, welly, welly. The ball must have been screaming for mercy.' (Ron Yates characterising Wimbledon FC's style, Independent, May 1989)
a dismissal, the sack, as in 'get the wellie/the order of the wellie'
a condom. A term from the late 1980s using the name of one piece of protective rubberwear for another. Also known as a willie-wellie.
a green welly
Wellie, as a diminutive of 'wellington (boot)', became a household word in the 1970s. It was quickly applied to figurative or metaphorical uses of the word or notion of 'boot', both as a noun and, later, a verb. The first instances of the use of the word have not been definitively identified, al-though the Scottish comedian Billy Con-nolly popularised the term, closely followed by several radio disc-jockeys.
II. vb
to kick out, dismiss, sack
to defeat, bully or attack
These are back-formations from the noun form of the word, heard since the end of the 1970s.

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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